We Have One Mission: To Make Your Life Easier

“I enjoy doing chores every day”, said no one ever. “I love little tips and tricks that make life easier” – now that’s more like it! At HouseTricks, we aim to be your source of easy DIY hacks, tips & tricks (call them however you like) that save you a ton of time, your precious money, and most importantly, your sanity.

On average, every American household spends almost 15 hours per week on chores. Every person needs 2-3 hours each day for self-care, getting dressed, and looking their best. As for ‘quick’ repairs and ‘easy’ fixes, 100 percent of people lose their sh*t when things go sideways (or they pay buckets more than they should’ve had they known how to do it themselves in the first place).

The point being: getting certain things in life in order doesn’t have to cost you huge amounts of cash or time (and stress) that you don’t have to give. Almost everyone knows a few tricks that make life a little easier. Preferably, of course, without too much of an effort. Life is busy enough.

Get You House in Order

The great thing about household chores is what comes after. The serene feeling of enjoying a clean space. Having every shelf and drawer organized. And just the overall coziness and warmth both indoors and outdoors. 

Be the Best Version of You

How much is your face worth? Hair? Make-up? Ugh! If you ask us, looking good doesn’t have to come with a price tag. Some clever thinking is all it takes to make personal care fun, creative, and more importantly, cheaper than the beauty salon.

Live Life Like a Pro

The ‘tricks’ that you find on HouseTricks are just basic cleverness. Think of (creative) tips for completing your everyday tasks, for example, doing homework or other smart ideas that will surprise you and make you think: Wow, that’s handy!

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